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Our goal is to search and process the vast amounts of information and events that occur every day, to provide a simple, organized Gist of the most important events and the link to the original source of the published information or event, along with a Gist of any historical context/knowledge associated with that event.

We have selected different News publishing sources, so Users can have a broader view and perspective of the daily events that occur. The topics in World News, are automatically generated based on the latest breaking News story, so Users will always find the most relevant stories and their source.

We were founded on April 26th 2014, and since our inception are constantly in the process of improving our sources of Information and Knowledge that we would like to share with our Users.

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Simple, very well organized and a good selection of news sources for World News.

Paul Davis(New York, USA)

Me and my husband, both in professional services, use this site every morning. Its quick and helps us stay informed about daily world events.

Shilpa (India)

A Busy Schedule is no longer my excuse, as it takes only 5 minutes to stay informed and connected with today's important events.

Jenny Smith(Washington DC, USA)

My favorite site, Works great on my mobile phone and gives me access to different newspapers with the most relevant information.

Jose Silva (Lisbon, Portugal)

I love your site - Well organized, Good selection of news stories and newspapers. Very useful !!

Katharina (Germany)

I am a retired journalist and have been using this site everyday. The Daily Gist section is very good and overall its very well organized.

Thomas (Netherlands)

Easy to read and very interesting topics everyday.

Melissa (Sydney, Australia)

Good site. Helps me to know the important stories around the world.

Jonathan (South Africa)

I have been using your site for a few months. Excellent site for World Politics and Economy.

Angelo (Rome, Italy)